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    Frequently Asked Question's

    Do you ship to international markets?

    We ship some of our products to international markets through our Amazon store front. Please visit our Amazon store at https://www.amazon.com/steepgradebikeracks to view our selection prices.

    How do you install bike rack?

    SteepGrade bike racks are easy to install and no tools are required. Our racks are not permanently installed by drilling or bolting into your vehicle frame. Click here for more information.

    Can these bike racks be used with a 15/20mm thru-axle?

    Our bike racks come standard with a 9mm fork mount. To use with a thru-axle select the thru-axle option in the product page. Our thru-axle option can be used with both 15 and 20mm thru-axle forks across mountain bikes and fat bikes.

    Will the bike rack fit in my SUV?

    Our bike racks fit in most SUV, larger crossover vehicles and truck beds. By using the diagonal space (corner to corner) in your cargo area, our bike racks take advantage of roughly 10-15 more inches of usable space as compared to placing the bicycle in the traditional front to back position. To ensure a good fit, we suggest a 'dry' fit by removing the front wheel of your bicycle and placing it in the cargo area on the diagonal. Full sized SUVs often have enough cargo area that the middle row seating can remain in place. Smaller SUVs may have to fold down one or more seats. 

    Can I use this bike rack in my truck?

    Absolutely. Truck bed loops or tie-down loops are required to ensure bike rack is fully tethered to the truck bed. Our bike racks come standard with nylon tie-down straps that must be clipped to the truck bed.

    How do I attach my bicycle to the rack?

    The SteepGrade bike rack is simple to use. First, place the rack in the cargo area of the vehicle in either corner. Then, remove the front wheel of your road, mountain crossover or cruiser bike. Guide your bike, rear wheel first, into the cargo area of your vehicle and connect the bicycle front fork to the fork mount located on the rack. Make sure the bike and rack are positioned on the diagonal (corner to corner). Tighten the skewer to ensure firm grip. Wrap bicycle handlebars with the rack straps and connect the straps to the vehicle D-rings, tightening them to create a firm hold. Easily take your bike anywhere, safe and secure! 

    Can you use the two-bike (double) bike rack to transport one bike?

    Yes, absolutely. The two-bike double bike rack can easily and securely transport a single bike. Install as described above. Secure using the included tie-down straps, one for each handlebar, and clip to your vehicle’s cargo rings. 

    Where should I put the rack in the cargo area?

    The SteepGrade bike rack is unique as it takes advantage of the diagonal space in your vehicle’s cargo area. Place the rack in either the left or right rear corner of the cargo area, facing the corner and not straight back towards the tailgate. Click in your bike and take it anywhere, safe and secure.

    Should the bike be facing the tailgate of the vehicle?

    Once your bike is connected to the SteepGrade bike rack, the handlebars should be directly facing a rear corner (for the single bike rack). The bike will then be on a diagonal, allowing you more usable cargo area space for gear or friends. For the double bike rack, one bicycle handlebars will be facing a side window and the second bicycle will be facing the rear window.

    How do I attach to the vehicle?

    Simply wrap each strap around its corresponding handlebar side and extend to the D-ring. Use the attached hook to attach to the D-ring, then use the ladder lock to cinch and tighten down. Your bike will not move an inch even if you are off-roading to a sweet single-track.

    What about the bicycle wheel? Where should I put it?

    Our exclusive wheel holder design allows you to safely transport your front wheel while conserving space in your cargo area. The wheel holder is designed to cup onto the bicycle top-tub. Simply remove your bicycle front wheel and slide the skewer into the wheel holder. This will secure your wheel to the holder. Then, place the C-shaped cup on the top-tube of your bicycle. Attach your wheel holder after bike is connected to the rack in your car. Your wheel will stay put and will not get damaged during the drive to your next steep grade ride. Our wheel holders can be purchased to compliment your existing cargo bike rack or bundle with one of our racks for additional savings.

    Can the rack with bicycle attached tip over?

    The SteepGrade bike rack is designed specifically to safely secure your bike in the cargo area of your vehicle. With its patented triangular design, steel reinforced frame, and rubber anti-slip grip, the rack with bicycle attached will not tip over if placed correctly in the vehicle. Using the included tie-down straps ensures correct installation and will hold the bike safe and secure. 

    How can I contact you?

    Please email: support@steepgrade.bike or reach out to us using our online website chat function. We’d love to hear from you!